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Import Data From Custom Scripts

Explains how to manually import data from custom scripts.

Custom scripts are an older method of importing data from external sources like CRM, ERP or HR systems. These scripts were written specifically for your organization's needs and pull data directly from your source system.

Custom scripts are in the process of being migrated to Integration tasks. Once the migration is complete, all custom scripts will be removed.

Before You Begin

  • Required permissions: Import Data Capabilities
  • The version you are in at the time you run the Custom script is the version you are importing to/exporting from

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the nav menu click Integration > Import Data

Run a Custom Script

  1. Select actuals, plan, or transactions as the import type.
  2. Select the version.
  3. Select Custom script. Your scripts appear in a table along with their last run time, last run by, and last run status.
  4. Click the script name you need to run.
  5. Select the first time period the script should import to.
  6. Select the last time period the script should import to. If you are only importing to one period, select the same one for first and last.
  7. Provide the credentials your custom script needs connects to your source system.
  8. Click Run Script.

After your script runs, the script list updates to indicate the new last run time and last run status.

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