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Import Transactions

Explains how to import transactions data, including how to delete transactions during the import process.

Transactions are typically data related to time-stamped orders, invoices, sales process activities, or payments. Transactions can come from a variety of external systems. You can import transactions if your instance has transactions enabled.

Import Transactions

Before You Begin

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png Navigate to Integration > Import Data

Import Transactions

Before you can import transactions, you need to create your transaction field definitions. Your transaction field definitions determine what columns appear in your transactions template.

See Transactions for details.

  1. Select Transactions as the Import Type.
  2. Click Download template and follow its instructions to fill in the data you need to import.
  3. Click Choose File and browse to the template you edited and click Import.
  4. Click Continue.

Transaction Example Import Template

The columns for a transaction import vary depending on your transaction field definitions.

The Transactions import template below has columns for: 

  • Posting Date (Required): A date field for the transaction posting date.
  • Transaction Type (Required): The transaction type. 
  • Account (Required): The account for the transaction.
  • Level (Required): The level the transaction applies to.
  • Transaction Amount (Required): The amount for the transaction.
  • Description: A text field.

Import Transactions Template Example

Delete Transactions During Import

When you import you can choose to delete existing transactions as part of the import.

If you select No, your import adds to the existing transactions.

If you select Yes, provide a date range and choose which transactions get removed before the import begins.

Transactions can only be deleted during the import process.

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