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Import Accounts, Levels, or Dimension Values Mappings

When you import data, you must map accounts, levels, and dimension values from your source to their counterparts in the system. The first time you import mappings, the mapping process gets triggered for you. You can also start the mapping process separately from a data import using the Import Account Mappings, Import Level Mappings, and Dimension Value Mappings pages.

Before You Begin

  • Required permissions: Import Capabilities
  • You should have a CSV, XLSX, or other export file you can copy your external account, level, or dimension value names from.
  • Although these have the same names, these mappings are not associated with mappings found in Integration.

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu, go to Integration > and select Import Account Mappings, Import Level Mappings, or Import Dimension Value Mappings

Download and Fill in the Template

  1. Click Import Mapping in the top right corner of the page.
    Import Mapping Link - Popup
  2. Click the download template link in the pop-up.
  3. Open the downloaded template and follow the instructions to fill in the template.
  4. Click Choose File in the popup and select the file and click Upload
  5. Review the mappings and mapping details, or add more mappings manually and click Accept.
  6. Click Save

Template Columns for Import Mappings

The instructions for filling out the template and an example appear in the first sheet of the template file.

Import Mappings Instructions

 The templates for importing accounts, levels, and dimension values mappings only have two columns:

  • Import (Required): Enter the name of the account, level, or dimension value from your external source.
  • Mapped: Enter the account, level, or dimension value already in the system. If this column is left empty, you will be asked to complete the mappings after upload.

Level Mapping Template Example

The following example template is for level mappings. The required and optional columns are clearly marked.

Import Levels Mapping Template Example 

Map an Import Manually

If you don't want to map automatically, or if you only want to add a few mappings, you can map items manually:

Import Mapping - Manual Mapping

1 Click Add Mapping

2 Enter the exact name as it appears in the source you are importing from.

3 Click the item within the system that you want to map to.

4 Click Accept.

5 After you map all of the items you need, click Continue.

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