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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Concept: Import Data

Introduces you to the different ways you can import data.

Whether you are just beginning to use Adaptive Planning or you need to update an existing model, getting your data from another source system into your model requires a data import. You can choose to:

Import Automatically with Integration

Import Manually 

You may be asked to map account names, level names, and dimension names in the spreadsheet to their corresponding values in Adaptive Planning. You can view and modify any existing manual import mappings you already made by clicking Import Account Mappings, Import Level Mappings, or Import Dimension Value Mappings under Integration > Manual Import.

On upload, your data automatically maps to a best-fit for the data contents. You can also manually adjust:

What Happens When You Import Manually

When you import data manually, Adaptive Planning examines each row of the import file to check if matching data already exists in the system. Adaptive Planning looks at what dimensions are used, and if data exists in the same level, account, time period, and version. If data exists in the system at the same location, the import replaces it. This replacement occurs row by row. The import does not replace everything at once.

For example, you perform two imports.  Your first import file loads data that your second import file does not contain.  That existing data will remain after the second import.

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