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NetSuite Integration Options

There are two different ways in which Adaptive Insights integrates with NetSuite:

  1. NetSuite Integration - Basic
  2. Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements

They interact with NetSuite in slightly different ways.

For both options, you must install the Adaptive Insights for NetSuite bundle to enable SSO and to enable drill through from Adaptive Insights back into NetSuite.

Follow these instructions for how to install the Adaptive Insights for NetSuite bundle:

  1. Login to NetSuite
  2. Go to Setup > Customization > Search & Install Bundle
  3. Change Location to "Production Account", enter the Account ID
  4. Search for the Adaptive Insights for NetSuite bundle
  5. Install the Adaptive Insights for NetSuite bundle

Imports from NetSuite

If you have Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements only use the Adaptive Integration > Design Integrations menu to manage import mappings when you need to import data from NetSuite.

Do NOT use the Integration > Import menu's mappings screens if you have Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements.

Accessing Adaptive from NetSuite

NetSuite customers who have purchased Adaptive Insights will be able to log into Adaptive Insights in two ways:

  • Using NetSuite's Adaptive tab
  • Using Adaptive Insights's login screen to log in directly

Logging in directly to Adaptive Insights offers the benefit of not requiring a NetSuite seat for every user.

Transaction Drill-through

Transaction Drill-through can be achieved in one of the following ways:

  1. Both NetSuite Integration Basic and Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements allow for drilling back into NetSuite on the standard categories. This requires that the user have a NetSuite seat.
  2. It is also possible to import NetSuite transactions into the Adaptive Insights Transactions module and allow drill-through into those transactions within Adaptive Insights. This can be achieved through Adaptive Integration with NetSuite enhancements and the Adaptive Insights Transactions module. An integration task can be set up to automate the import of transactions into Adaptive Insights. This approach does not require individual NetSuite seats for business users who need drill-through. If you need to drill into transactions for more than the standard NetSuite categories, then import transactions into Adaptive Insights and use the Transactions Module.

Exports into NetSuite

Export of data from Adaptive Insights to NetSuite can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Using NetSuite Integration Basic
    Export mappings need to be created in order to export Adaptive Insights data back into NetSuite. If you are using the Basic option to export, then the export process is manual and cannot be scheduled.

if you are using NetSuite Integration Enhancements for importing data, you need to maintain import mappings through Integration > Design Integrations, and export mappings through Integration > Manage Export Mappings.

  1. Using Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements
    You can choose to manage both import and export through Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements. In this case, you will need to manage export data through a Scripted Export Loader within Adaptive Integration. This option allows for automation of the export process and creating scheduled exports. It requires implementation of export scripts through Adaptive Professional Services and the installation of an on-premises data agent. For more details see Setting up a NetSuite Data Source.

Comparing the Options to Integrate with NetSuite

  NetSuite Integration - Basic Adaptive Integration with NetSuite Enhancements
Requires installation of the Adaptive Insights for NetSuite bundle YES YES
Enables Drill Through to NetSuite YES YES
Menu used to manage mappings for import Integration > Import Account Mappings

Integration > Import Level Mappings

Adaptive Integration > Data Designer
Menu used to manage mappings for export Integration > Export Account Mappings

Integration > Export Level Mapping

Set up a scripted export loader and manage mappings within Adaptive Integration > Data Designer
Requires Professional Services NO YES
  • To set up Import
  • To set up Export using a scripted export loader. This also requires the installation of an on-premises data agent.
Exports NetSuite's 6 standard categories (Account, Subsidiary, Department, Class, Item, Customer) YES YES
  • Through scripted export loader
Allows Imports of NetSuite's custom objects and custom segments NO YES
Imports Standard Sheets YES YES
Automated import into any Planning sheet NO YES
Automated import of transactions in Transactions module in Planning NO YES

Planning Administration General Setup Options for Integration and NetSuite

The diagram below illustrates the Integration and NetSuite options visible to administrators within Administration > General Setup. Although both Integration's NetSuite data source and NetSuite Basic can be enabled simultaneously, using only Integration's NetSuite data source is recommended because it provides more complete access to NetSuite data.

The options shown below for Integration and NetSuite are provided in the General Setup screen to let company administrators choose the setup they need for their use case.

The Integration: <data source type> options allow an administrator to limit what data source types can be created within Adaptive Integration's Data Designer screen. If only NetSuite is enabled, only new NetSuite data sources can be created in the Data Designer screen.

The NetSuite Customer: NetSuite SSO option allows companies who are also NetSuite customers to log into Adaptive Insights from within the NetSuite UI.

The NetSuite Customer: NetSuite Basic option enables the NetSuite specific menus available within Adaptive Insights's main navigation.

Diagram - Planning Administration General Setup Options for Integration and NetSuite

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