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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Integration with NetSuite - Basic

Adaptive Insights offers a unique and full-featured integration with NetSuite, the ERP, CRM, and accounting system. In particular, we offer one-click importing of actuals from your general ledger into Adaptive Insights, to simplify your budgeting process. Importing your actuals from NetSuite is easy. You can do it every month, or even every day, and re-forecast or monitor your budget changes on a more frequent basis. You can also export budgets from Adaptive Insights into the NetSuite Budget area, and drill directly from Adaptive Insights actuals numbers into NetSuite Transaction Detail reports.

To import your general ledger data from NetSuite:

  1. Configure your Adaptive Planning account to connect to your NetSuite account (either Production or Sandbox) by using the NetSuite Integration Setup screen

  2. Describe how your Adaptive Planning accounts and dimensions map to your NetSuite categories on the NetSuite Category Configuration screen

  3. On the Import tab, select the NetSuite choice and click the Import button.

Once configured, future updates and imports can be done merely by clicking the Import button on the Import tab.

To purchase the NetSuite Integration option, contact us.

See NetSuite Integration Options for more on the two ways Netsuite integrates with Adaptive Insights.

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