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Drill Through from Planning to NetSuite

This topic describes how you can enable drill through for actuals data imported using Adaptive Integration's NetSuite Adapter.

Actuals data that is imported using the NetSuite adapter within Adaptive Integration can be made available for drill-through on Planning standard sheets and the cell explorer within reports. Planning users can click on the drill-through URLs available on standard sheets and reports to navigate back to NetSuite and view additional transactional information related to the actual value.

High-level Steps for Enabling Drill Through from Planning to NetSuite

Before getting started, ensure the Enhanced bundle-based drill-through checkbox is checked within Planning's Integration > NetSuite Setup menu.

1. Configure a NetSuite External System.

2.  If you have multiple NetSuite categories mapped into the same Planning Dimension, revisit the NetSuite Data Source to add a tuple SQL column for a many-to-one mapping of the columns.

3. After the above steps, configure a Planning Loader to import NetSuite actuals data.

  • Link a Profile to the External System you configured in step 1.
  • Attach this profile to the Planning Loader.

Refer to the Adaptive Integration Setting up a NetSuite Data Source article, and the External Systems section full details on configuring the NetSuite Adapter for Adaptive Integration for drill-through.

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