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View and Run Tasks

When you log on to Adaptive Integration, the default screen is the Task Overview screen. The Task Overview screen shows the tasks whether they are scheduled or not:


Each line shows the type of task, the name of the task, the time and date of the next scheduled run (if the task is scheduled), the current status of the task, and where the task is in the queue.

To get more information about a specific task, double-click a task in the Task Overview screen

The Task information appears in the Task Detail screen:!tasks_new_run_screen.png

The Task Detail screen provides detailed information and options for the task you selected:
  • You can view information about pending and recent runs of a specific task. When you click a specific run, you see information about what step the task is on. You can use this information for troubleshooting errors.
  • To run a task manually from the Task Detail screen, enter the information requested in the field(s), then click Run. The fields you need to make entries in vary depending on the task you are running. Tasks that use a spreadsheet data source prompt for a file, tasks with scripted data sources may prompt for run-time parameters, and so on.

If you have a scripted data source or loader, you are prompted with the parameter (set to the default value). This gives you the opportunity to override the parameter for that one manual run. However, if the task runs on a schedule, the default parameter values are used.

  • Click Execution History at the bottom of the screen to display the task's execution history, which includes the run time/date, the task name, the run duration in sec­onds, and the status of the run. You can drill down by double-clicking any entry in the execution history to display the log history for that instance.The Task Details page shows the task’s details and lets you view a history of the task, run it manually, and view the details of recent runs.

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