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View and Run Tasks

When you navigate to Integration, the integration Tasks Overview page loads by default. Integration tasks are predefined sets of actions created as an import flow. Tasks can contain multiple data sources, multiple loaders, and even other tasks. This overview shows all existing scheduled and unscheduled tasks you can view or run.

Each row in the Tasks Overview shows the type of task, the task name, the time and date of the next scheduled run, the current status, and task queue status. If you select a task, it opens within a new tab inside the page.

Integration Tasks Overview and Task Details

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu, go to Integration > Run Tasks

Before You Begin

  • Permissions Required: Integration > Integration Operator
  • Verify someone with Integration > Data Designer permissions set up tasks for you to view
  • Verify someone with Integration > Data Designer permissions granted you launch permissions for the tasks you want to run

View Task Details

  1. Double-click a task to view its details.
  2. Select one of the runs within Pending/Recent Runs to see the task step progress and troubleshoot errors.
  3. Select Run if you want to launch a task manually and provide parameters. Required fields vary depending on the task.
  • Tasks for spreadsheet data sources prompt for a file. 
  • Tasks for scripted data sources may prompt for run-time parameters.

If you have a scripted data source or loader, you get prompted with the parameter set to the default value. You can override the parameter for that individual manual run. Scheduled tasks use the default parameter.

  1. Select Execution History to display task information on:
  • Run time/date
  • Task name
  • Run duration in sec­onds
  • Run status
  1. Drill into log history details by double-clicking an execution history item. You can then run that item manually and view the details of other recent runs.
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