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Set up a NetSuite Credential

Explains how to set up a NetSuite credential for token-based authorization in NetSuite data sources.

A NetSuite credential is a collection of token-based authorization keys from NetSuite that act like a password for connecting to a NetSuite endpoint. You can associate a NetSuite credential with one or more NetSuite data sources as a centralized way of reusing NetSuite login details.

A NetSuite credential contains a:

  • NetSuite Account ID to identify the user (automatically carried over when upgrading an existing NetSuite data source to the 2018.1 endpoint)
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Token ID
  • Token Secret

Because token-based authorization keys function exactly like a password for a NetSuite account, Adaptive Insights prevents viewing their values the moment you enter them. Always treat token-based authorization keys as you would a password.

Before You Begin

In NetSuite

In Adaptive Insights

  • Permissions required: Integration Operator, Data Designer
  • If you have an existing NetSuite data source you must upgrade to NetSuite 2018.1 after November 29, 2018. Find out how to upgrade to the NetSuite 2018.1 endpoint here. Only NetSuite endpoints for 2018.1 or higher can be associated with a NetSuite credential.
  • If you create a new NetSuite data source after November 29, 2018 it automatically uses the 2018.1 endpoint. You can create credentials without having to upgrade.

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png nav menu > Integration > Data Designer. 

Basic Steps

  1. Create a new NetSuite Credential 
  2. Name the NetSuite Credential and enter the NetSuite Account ID and its token-based authentication keys
  3. Associate the credential with a NetSuite data source that uses at least the NetSuite 2018.1 endpoint.

Create a NetSuite Credential

  1. Select Credentials in the Component Library.
  2. Select Create New Credential in the Credentials menu.
  3. Select NetSuite Credential.
  4. Enter a unique name for the credential.
  5. Enter the NetSuite Account ID. This field remains visible after you save.
  6. Enter the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID, and Token Secret you generated from NetSuite. For security reasons, these secrets fields get hidden the moment you enter them into Adaptive Insights.
  7. Select Save in the actions panel.

Associate a NetSuite Credential with a NetSuite Data Source

A NetSuite credential can only be associated with a NetSuite data source that was upgraded to the NetSuite 2018.1 endpoint. 

  1. Select Data Sources in the Component Library.
  2. Select a NetSuite data source that uses a NetSuite 2018.1 upgraded endpoint. You can tell a data source has been upgraded if "Upgrade to 2018.1" is not visible in the actions panel.
  3. Select a NetSuite Credential in the Credentials dropdown.
  4. Save the data source.
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