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Enable Integrated Security for JDBC Data Sources

Two JDBC drivers (JTDS and MS SQL Driver) support Integrated Security with MS SQL Server.

To enable Integrated Security in an Adaptive data source/agent, three tasks need to be performed in addition to the standard configuration steps.

For the on-premise agent:

  1. Place the required driver’s dll in the agent system path before the agent starts.
  2. Configure the Agent service Logon On property with the proper domain user/password.

For the data source:

  1. The JDBC url entry needs the additional IntegratedSecurity=true property

Set up Adaptive Data Agent Service with Integrated Security

  1. Within Integration > Design Integrations, unprovision any agents from the host PC.
  2. Stop the Adaptive Data Agent service.
  3. Reconfigure the windows service to run as the Windows account that has network/ db credentials.
  4. Ensure the required DLLs (sqljdbc_auth.dll, ntlmauth.dll) are copied into the appropriate destination.

For agents V51.17.8415 and newer, sqljdbc_auth.dll is automatically deployed by the Agent installer, users do NOT need to manually add this DLL.

The required ntlmauth.dll for a JTDS jdbc driver (either x32 or x64 version depending on the JVM in use) should be placed in
C:\Program Files\Adaptive Data Agent\lib\mssqljdbc\x64\ (for 64 bit JVM)
C:\Program Files\Adaptive Data Agent\lib\mssqljdbc\x86\ (For 32 bit JVM).

sqljdbc_auth.dll is available from Microsoft download

ntlmauth.dll is available from a JTDS download location for jtds 1.2.5 for jtds 1.2.8 for jtds 1.3.1

  1. Re-start the Adaptive Data Agent service.
  2. Re-provision the agent using the Agent Service Manager.
    Adaptive Integration Enable Integrated Security Reprovision Agent

Creating a JDBC Data Source

When you create a JDBC data source using the Create New Data Source menu, make sure to include the integratedSecurity=true in the JDBC url.

For the MS SQL driver:

Driver class:
Jdbc url:
User name: keep it empty
Password: keep it empty

For the JTDS driver:

Driver class:
Jdbc url:
jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<server>:<port>;integratedSecurity=true;domain=<domain name>
User name: keep it empty
Password: keep it empty

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