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Create a Data Agent

After you configure the Adaptive Data Agent Manager on your PC, you can create a new data agent. You can associate an individual data agent with one or more JDBC or scripted on-premises data sources.

You can use multiple data agents for the same database. Each data agent can have different properties. You can also have data agents on different computers. For example, you might work at a company with people using Adaptive Integration in offices across the country. Each worker could have a data agent associated with a data source that brings the information into their computer.

How You Get There

Compass.png Go to nav menu navicon.gif > Integration > Design Integrations

Before You Begin

  • Permissions Required: Integration > Data Designer
  • Verify you installed the Adaptive Data Agent Service Manager on your local computer.
  • Obtain the username and password for an Adaptive Insights user on your instance.

Basic Steps

  1. Create a new data agent
  2. Provision the data agent

Create a New Data Agent

This process only creates an unprovisioned data agent based on the template. The data agent essentially becomes a program stub for the server portion of the data agent. The stub associates with a specific data agent service as part of the creation process.

  1. Select Data Agents in the component library to view the list of agents.
  2. Select Create New Data Agent. to open the Create New page.
  3. Enter a meaningful name that uniquely identifies this agent.
  4. Select Create.

When you create a new data agent, the configuration and structure get created, but you can't use the agent until you provision it.

Provision the Data Agent

After creating the data agent, provision it in the Data Agent Service Manager. Provi­sioning creates the instance of the data agent and hooks the newly created agent into the stub on the server. When you complete the provisioning process, the data agent gets created and associates with the server. The server then can communicate with the agent.

  1. Launch the Data Agent Service Manager if you don't already have it open.
  2. Log in as an Adaptive Insights user who has Data Designer role permissions on your tenant.
  3. Select Provision a New Agent.
  4. Provide your Adaptive Insights password.
  5. Select your tenant from the list. Usually, only one tenant shows up.
    Adaptive Data Agent - Provision Agent

Each Adaptive Insights customer has a tenant with a dedicated database schema containing all of the configuration and data. For reference, a tenant is identical to the concept of an instance in the Adaptive Insights architecture.

  1. Select the agent you want to provision from the Agent Name drop-down list.
  2. Select Provision and provide your Adaptive Insights password.
  3. Select OK.

At this point, the data agent can communicate with the on-premises source system and Adap­tive Integration.

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