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Data Agent Service Manager Overview

Data Agents let you extract information from JDBC-compliant databases or Scripted data sources The Data Agents are extensible components that give secure access to applications, and manage connections to your hosted Adaptive Planning instances. These agents run in a Windows service deployed on-premise behind your firewall, providing access to the specific data you request. Data agents let you extract data from remote and on-premise sources you can't access using other data sources.

A data agent must run on any computer that extracts information from a JDBC-compliant database for Adaptive Planning Integration.

The Data Agent Service installs as a Java application that runs as a Windows Service. This service manages your data agents from behind your firewall.

When the  Data Agent Service runs, it long-polls the Adaptive Planning Gateway. The Gateway runs as a server brokering communication through the firewall to on-premises instances of the  Data Agent Service. This gateway receives requests from Adaptive Planning servers on behalf of all data agents hosted by the service. Each instance of the Agent Service you install hosts one or more data agents.

The Data Agent installation includes a desktop utility, the Data Agent Service Manager, used to setup and configure the Agent Service.

To use data agents and the data agent manager

  1. Download and install the agent
  2. Configure the Data Agent manager
  3. Create a Data Agent
  4. Set up Data Agent Email Alerts
  5. Backup and restore data agents

After installing the Data Agent Service, you can upgrade to newer versions as they get released. New version downloads get posted in the Data Agent page within Integration. Download and install a new version on the PC where the Data Agent Service Man­ager runs. You can also develop custom connectors using a software development kit (SDK) and deploy them to the Agent Service.


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