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Create a Data Agent

After you have configured the Adaptive Data Agent Service Manager on your PC, you can create a new data agent. An individual data agent can be associated with one or more on-premises data sources (such as JDBC or scripted).

You can have multiple data agents for the same database. Each data agent can have different properties. You can also have data agents on different computers. For example, you might have a company that has people using Adaptive Integration in offices in locations across the country. Each of these could have a data agent associated with a data source that brings the information into that computer.

To create a data agent:

  1. Access the Data Designer by going to Integration > Data Designer.

  2. In the Component Library on the right side of the screen, click Data Agents.
    The drop-down list of agents appears.

  3. Click Create New Data Agent.
    The Create New screen appears.

  4. Click the name of the agent template you want to use

  5. In the Name field, enter a name for the agent.

  6. Click Create.
    The new data agent appears in the list of data agents in the Component Library.

This process only creates an unprovisioned data agent based on the template. This is essentially a program “stub” for the server portion of the data agent. The stub is associated with a specific data agent service as part of the creation process. The data agent itself does not actually exist at this point in time but the configuration and structure to use for creating the data agent are now set up.

The next step is provisioning the data agent in the Data Agent Service Manager. Provi­sioning creates the instance of the data agent and hooks the newly created agent into the stub on the server. When you complete the provisioning process, the data agent has been created and is associated with the server, which is now also able to communicate with the data agent.

To provision a data agent:

  1. On the Setup tab of the Adaptive Data Agent Services Manager, enter a valid Adaptive Insights email address and password.
  2. Click Provision a New Agent.
    The Provision Agent screen appears, as shown below.

  3. Select the tenant from the list. (There is usually only one.)

Each Adaptive Insightscustomer has a tenant, which has a dedicated Oracle database schema in which all of the configuration and data for the customer resides. For reference, a tenant is identical to the concept of an instance in Adaptive Insights architecture.

  1. Select the agent you want to provision from the drop-down list.

  2. Click Provision.
    An information screen appears.

  3. Click OK.
    The data agent is now provisioned. At this point, the data agent can be used by data sources to communicate between the on-premises source system and Adap­tive Integration.

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