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Set Up Email Alerts

You can configure the Adaptive Data Agents Services Manager to email someone when­ever one of the specified hard disks gets below a specified threshold level for free space.

To set up email alerts in the Adaptive Data Agents Services Managers:

  1. Click the Email Alerts tab in the Adaptive Data Agents Services Manager.
    The Adaptive Data Agent Service Manager screen appears with the Email Alerts tab displayed, as shown below.

  2. Make entries in the fields:

  • Alerts Enabled: Check this box to enable email alerts. (If this box is not checked, the Adaptive Data Agent Services Manager does not send email alerts.)
  • Alert Recipients: Enter the email addresses, separated by semicolons, for the email accounts to send email to.
  • SMTP Server: Enter the SMTP server URL, such as
  • SMTP Port: Enter the port to use for contacting the SMTP server, such as 25.
  • Use SSL: Check this box to use SSL.
  • User Name: Enter the user name to access the SMTP server.
  • Password: Enter the password associated with the user name.
  • Drives to Monitor (; sep): Enter the drives, separated by semicolons, that you want to monitor.
  • Threshold (MB): Enter the threshold level in MB that triggers an alert.
  1. Click Send Test Email to send a test email using the information currently in the fields.
  2. Click Apply Alert Settings to apply any changes to the information on this tab.
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