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View Integration Notification Logs

Explains how to view the Notification Logs.

When Integration or dashboards generate notifications, those notifications get permanently recorded in the Integration Notification logs. This log works like an email client, listing only the notifications sent to you. The newest notifications show up on top. The notifications you select open as additional tabs within the page to show the notification details. Notifications in the log can't be edited or deleted by anyone.

Download links in integration notifications expire after 7 days.

Notifications include:

  • Loader or task alerts
  • Loader log downloads
  • Staging table downloads
  • Dashboard snapshot downloads
  • Other Integration alerts or notifications


  • Required Permissions: Integration
  • Requires Adaptive Integration
  • Notifications in these logs also show up as Workday Notifications for users synchronized from Workday.


Compass.png From the nav menu, go to Integration > Notification Logs

View Integration Notification Details

  1. Select a notification in the list to open it in a separate tab in the page. Each item you select opens in an additional tab.
  2. Select a notification tab to view its details.
  3. Select links in notifications to navigate into other areas of Adaptive Planning, or download content from loader runs.
  4. Close the tab to return to the Notifications Overview.
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