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User Types in Adaptive Integration

There are two types of Adaptive Integration user:

  • Data analysts are the people who run tasks and work with the imported information in the Adaptive Suite. Data analysts may understand data structures and may not be CPAs. They will have knowledge of how to use Adaptive Suite.

  • IT users are high-level users (frequently an administrator) who can set up and edit data sources, loaders, and tasks. IT users must be familiar with the Adaptive Suite and have a substantial understanding of databases and connectivity. IT users can be granted permissions for roles:

    • Data Designer: For configuring data sources, loaders and tasks, then specifying the data to import. This role cannot access the Scripts tab within Integration > Data Designer.

    • Integration Developer: For authoring the JavaScript needed for Custom Cloud Data Sources (CCDS). This role provides access to the Script tab and JavaScript editor within Integration > Data Designer. Contact Adaptive Professional Services to enable the Integration Developer role on your instance.

Generally speaking, the IT users provide the initial set up of Adaptive Integration and then work in a maintenance mode, responding to requests for new tasks or different data sources from the data analysts.

IT users can share or restrict edit and launch permissions for data sources, loaders, and tasks with data analysts, as well as with other users and roles.

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