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Create Scripts for CCDS

Explains how to create scripts for use in a CCDS Data Source.

You can create scripts to retrieve data from a source system.  Scripts reference their unique names created in the Parameters Maintenance Panel.


  • New to CCDS? See Concept: CCDS
  • Required Permissions: Integration Developer in Administration > Permission Set
  • CCDS Developers must be experienced JavaScript programmers


Compass.png From the nav menu, go to Integration > Design Integrations


  1. Select an existing CCDS or create a CCDS from Data Sources pane in Design Integrations.
  2. Select the Scripts tab for your CCDS.
  3. Enter semicolon-separated URIs that your scripts connect to in the Source URIs field. This field identifies the source system connected to your CCDS.
  4. Click the edit icon for the SampleCCDSJavaScript from the Included Scripts pane or double click the row containing SampleCCDSJavaScript. The SampleCCDSJavaScript code has templates for creating a https:// request, sending a request, receiving a response and validating the response. Keyboard shortcuts:  CTRL + Shift + B on Windows to format your scripts and Ctrl+H to find and replace
  5. Select Save in the Actions pane.

Best Practice: Make small changes at a time and run scripts often to find syntax errors more easily. Use Logs in the Actions pane to identify errors. Due to the sparse nature of error messages in the log file, it can be difficult to identify a problem if you've made many changes.

Script Functions

Use the following functions in your script to test your connection, create or update the data source's schema, import rows from the source system to Adaptive Planning staging and preview data in the source system. See Adaptive Planning functions

  • testConnection() - Test the connection to the source.
  • importStructure() - Import the data structure. 
  • importData() - Get data through https:// or a static source.
  • previewData()  - Preview the output data from the source system. 
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