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API Methods

Contains preview content for the upcoming 2018.3 release.

API Methods

The following methods are supported in the Adaptive API:

Metadata and Data Create, Update, and Read Methods

Metadata Bulk Update

  • updateDimensions : lets users update dimensions and dimension values in-bulk by uploading an XML file.
  • updateLevels : lets users update levels in-bulk by uploading an XML file

Data Submission Methods

  • importConfigurableModelData : submit a set of rows for a modeled sheet

  • importCubeData : submit a set of data to be inserted into a cube sheet

  • importStandardData : submit a set of data to be inserted into standard accounts (GL accounts, assumptions, or cus­tom accounts)

  • importTransactions : submit a set of transactions to be inserted into the transactions data, if the transactions fea­ture has been enabled

  • eraseActuals : erase numeric data in specified time periods and accounts of an actuals version.

  • recalculateSheet : recalculate sheets with the Recalculate on Demand property.


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