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Your Credentials Are Not Valid For Configuring NetSuite Integration. Please Contact Your Administrator


We logged in to Adaptive Insights, went to Integration > NetSuite Setup, entered by credentials in the NetSutie Account Details area and clicked Save. After I did this, I received a message that says, "Your credentials are not valid for configuring NetSuite integration. Please contact your administrator." What is causing this and how can I fix it?


This error typically means that the credentials entered do not have sufficient permissions in NetSuite to setup the Integration. The role in NetSuite must be a web-services-only access role, with the following set of permissions:

  • Transactions > Find Transactions – FULL
  • Transactions > Set Up Budgets – FULL
  • Lists > Perform Search – FULL
  • Lists > Accounts – VIEW
  • Lists > Classes – VIEW
  • Lists > Customers – VIEW
  • Lists > Departments – VIEW
  • Lists > Items – VIEW
  • Lists > Locations – VIEW
  • Lists > Subsidiaries – VIEW
  • Reports > Balance Sheet – VIEW
  • Reports > Income Statement – VIEW
  • Reports > Financial Statements – VIEW
  • Setup > Web Services – FULL
  • Setup > Manage Accounting Periods – VIEW
  • Setup > Accounting Lists – EDIT

Note: If you are a NetSuite OneWorld customer with multiple subsidiaries, grant the role access to all subsidiaries and check the cross-subsidiary record viewing permission box.

For a comprehensive instructions on how to setup the integration you can reference Chapter 1 of the attached NetSuite Integration Guide.

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