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Data Agent will not provision after sandbox refresh

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


Why is my Data Agent not provisioning after a recent migration, clone, or refresh?


Data Agents that were previously provisioned in a sandbox might not exist after a sandbox refresh because the refreshed sandbox is a copy of another instance and the integration configuration may be different from what was previously configured in the sandbox.

The on-premise Data Agent software does not automatically remove local configuration files related to the old sandbox agents; however, it may still allow a user to try to provision the new sandbox agents which may have the same name and internal identifier as the old sandbox agents. This can cause the Data Agent on the server to enter a "provisioning" state indefinitely, meaning that it will never complete successfully or terminate with an error. 

To provision a new agent for a new instance (or recently refreshed instance):
  1. Log in to the Data Agent machine and open the Adaptive Data Agent Service Manager (ADASM) program

  2. Go to the Backup/Unprovision tab

  3. In the Select Active Agent dropdown menu, select each agent that starts with the sandbox instance code and click Unprovision Agent. You can find the instance code by logging in to the sandbox and going to Administration > General Setup.
    • ADASM.png
  4. After all agents with the sandbox instance code have been unprovisioned, close the ADASM.

  5. Open the Services program, right-click on Adaptive Data Agent, and click Restart

    • Services.png

  6. After the service has restarted, open the ADASM again and provision the agent.

The key is to follow the above steps before attempting to provision any agents after the sandbox is refreshed. If the old agents are unprovisioned locally and the service is restarted beforehand, provisioning should work without issue.

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