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How to Navigate the Knowledge Center

Describes the Knowledge Center navigation and how to perform advanced searches.

Category and Topic Navigation

The search bar and navigation bread crumb appear at the top of every page. Clicking Home or the Adaptive Insights logo navigates to the Knowledge Center home page. Click the bread crumb links to move up and down a hierarchy.

Viewing content does not require logging in.

Boxes in the middle of page organize contents into topics and subtopics.

The Show all link  reveals or hides additional links in a content category.

Click Export Page as a PDF  if you want to print the content.

When viewing a topic with multiple sections, use the table of contents to navigate through the topic quickly.

Links for navigating to the next or previous topic in a sequence appear at the bottom of the page.

How to Refine Search Results

  1. Type your search term and press Enter.
  2. Click a category in the carousel. Click the left and right arrows to scroll more categories into view.
  3. Click Show classification filters  under the carousel to refine results to all (the default), FAQs, or Product Documentation.
  4. Click a search result.

Search Constraints

For advanced searches, you can use the search constraints below.

"<search phrase>" Searches for the whole phrase you wrap in quotes.
content:<text> Only searches within the content of a page or file. This does not include titles, tags, file names, descriptions, etc.
tag:<tag> Lists all pages that are tagged with the specific tag you are searching.
title:<title> Only returns search results that are specific to the page title.
<search constraint> Add a minus sign next to any of these constraints to exclude options from the search result.
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