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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Set Up Adaptive Planning for Workday

Introduces you to the high-level steps to set up the Workday Adaptive Planning model for Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management, including links to in-depth articles.

If you do not currently have a project open with a resource certified in the Workday platform, please contact your Customer Success Manager to get the next steps and scope of work for the configuration. If you have a project in place, you can open a ticket with Provisioning to enable the connection. You must have a project in place with an Implementer certified on the Workday platform for us to enable the connection.

Get familiar with the high level steps to connect Adaptive Planning and Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management.

Some links in this article go to the Workday community. If you don't have a community account, request one.

Use Workday as a Data Source for Adaptive Planning


Use Workday as a data source for Adaptive Planning. Once your Workday data source is ready, load actuals, dimensions, and accounts from Workday reports into the planning model.

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Set Up the Sign-On Experience 

Set Up SAML Single Sign-On



With single sign-on (SSO), users click a Adaptive Planning worklet for immediate access the planning model. If you choose to sync to users, follow the a different set up instructions for SAML SSO. 

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Sync Users



Sync users so you can manage them all from Workday. Control only their planning role and level access from within Adaptive Planning. If you choose to sync users, the SAML SSO setup is slightly different.

Once you sync users, set them up to access  Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect with their Workday credentials. 

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View Adaptive Planning Notifications as Workday Notifications


For Workday-synced users, any notifications Adaptive Planning generates become Workday notifications.

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Publish Plans to Workday


For the tightest integration, you can publish your plans directly to Workday. Provide publish permissions to users, indicate publishable plan versions, then publish the plans to Workday draft templates.

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