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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Territory Planning Perspective Walk-Through

Describes a typical territory planning perspective's dashboards: Segments, Accounts, Scores, Geos

Available only with sales planning. 

Remember, your dashboards reflect your company's specific sales planning workflow. The example described below may not match what you see.

A typical territory plan perspective includes dashboards for segments, accounts, scores, and geos (geographies).  Each dashboard usually represents a step in your planning process.  The dashboard may also include an overview that contains text notes explaining the planning process and the purpose of each dashboard or chart.


The segments dashboard contains charts and sheets that summarize your sales market segments. It can include content about the total addressable market by segment and industry, the number of your sales representatives per segment, and a bookings summary indicating annual recurring revenue, customer count, and average selling price.

Territory Planning Dashboard - Segments


This dashboard summarizes the potential or existing customers for each sales representative. It provides insight to the percentage each sales representative holds of current accounts, the sales pipeline, and marketing qualified leads. It also indicates the value of accounts that do not have an assigned sales representative. A scored account assignment sheet lists all of the accounts sorted by score.

Territory Planning - Accounts


The scores dashboard lets you provide weights to territories, markets or industries with different sales potential. This can be useful when sales representatives work in geographic regions that cost more to sell to, or offer a larger amount of qualified sales leads.

Territory Planing - Scores


Geos, or Geographies, displays sales territories in a map chart, and lets you alter territory assignments and component weights via sheets. An opportunities and customer count chart shows each sales representative's current customer count and opportunity count. Each sales representative's weighted opportunities and customer counts appear in an additional chart. 

Territory Planning - Geos


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