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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Capacity and Quota Planning Perspective Walk Through

Describes a typical capacity and quota planning perspective's dashboards: Summary, Targets, Capacity, Staffing, TAM, Representative Quota, Quota, Actuals

Available only with sales planning.

This page provides an example walk through of a capacity and quota plan. Remember, your dashboards reflect your company's specific sales planning workflow. The example described below may not match what you see.

The perspectives include dashboards for summary, targets, capacity, staffing, total addressable market (TAM), representative quota, quota, and actuals. Each dashboard usually represents a step in a planning process. The perspective can include an overview dashboard containing text notes explaining the planning process and the purpose of each dashboard or chart.


This dashboard contains charts from each of the other capacity and quota plan dashboards to give you a summary view of the current status of your plan. It gives a quick way to see variances between your bottom-up sales staffing plan and your top-down targets. The charts for the summary could include bookings plan, deployed quota, head count delta, plan versus target bookings, head count delta to target, plan versus target bookings, sales representatives by geography, and a summary of your total addressable market and how it is allocated across your sales team.

Capacity and Quota Plan Summary


The top-down targets for your sales team could be set and analyzed on this dashboard. It can contain charts for sales productivity versus bookings, sales headcount needs, plan versus target bookings, and segment split targets versus productivity. The sheets within it let you adjust targets by dollar amount or percentage, alter seasonal productivity percentages by quarter, and change target percentage by market segment or region.

Capacity and Quota - Targets Dashboard


This area lets you see how adjustments to high-level assumptions around productivity and average selling price (ASP). With it you could introduce expected changes to productivity by market segment, region or product without having to work through the details of a staffing plan. It lets you see how your average selling price assumptions affect your sales team's capacity for additional sales.

Capacity and Quota Planning - Capacity 


The staffing dashboard indicates sales team head count needs based on plan versus target bookings by quarter. You can quickly see whether your bottom-up sales representative productivity is matching the top-down targets set in the previous dashboards. Its sheets let you manipulate hiring numbers by region and ramping schedules and see what changes are needed to have staffing match your sales targets. You can create new ramping schedules directly within the ramp schedules sheet, or plan new hires or sales representative attrition.

Capacity and Quota Planning - Staffing

TAM (Total Addressable Market)

The TAM dashboard shows market segments and the total addressable market in each one to highlight gaps in staffing needs. Charts for each segment compare available TAM to allocated TAM. It includes sheets that indicate planned future hires for each segment, the current sales representatives for those markets, and a crosstab chart summarizing the total addressable market in each segment by sales representative.

Capacity and Quota Planning - TAM

Rep Quota

This dashboard lists all sales representatives, their individual sales quotas, and how those quotas combine to contribute to the sales team's goals. With this dashboard you can analyze and set quotas with a high level of detail, including by sales representative and month. Charts on this dashboard indicate month over month trends, quota by market segment, and quota by sales role. The sheet on this dashboard lets you alter individual quotas by sales representative.

Capacity and Quota Planning - Rep Quota


The quota dashboard highlights the sales team's target bookings versus its deployed quota, and indicates quota coverage. This dashboard is for looking at sales quotas in a more coarse level of detail than the Rep Quota dashboard described above. The sheet on it lets you set productivity and quota by market segment.

Capacity and Quota Planning - Quota


This dashboards shows annual recurring revenue and customer count over time based on historical sales performance data. It lets you see bookings, customer count, and average selling price over the past several years by quarter and month. It provides a quick way to see how bookings tracked with revenue performance and average sales price (ASP). Note that in the chart below the actuals data was only imported up to August of 2017, and data for Q4 of 2017 has not been entered yet. 

Capacity and Quota Plan - Actuals

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