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Navigation Quick Tour

Describes the Adaptive Insights toolbar and describes navigation options.

Watch the video or read ahead: 

General Navigation


Every page in the Adaptive Insights has the same toolbar across the very top. 

Adaptive Insights toolbar

1 Click to open the navigation menu, where you can browse to different areas of the Adaptive Insights.   

2 Use the breadcrumbs to see where you are and link to where you've been.  For example, if you're currently on the P&L sheet, click the Sheets breadcrumb to link back to the overview where you can open a different sheet.

3 Click the {{corp}} logo to return to your home page. Your Adaptive Insights admin can upload your company's logo to appear here.

4 Select the version. Your default version is set by your admin.

5 Click the arrow to change your profile settings or to log out. 

6 Click the question mark any time to open contextual help pages. 

Navigation Menu

Click NavigationMenuIcon.png to open the navigation menu to browse different areas of Adaptive Insights. Click a menu item to go to its overview page, or click the arrow to the right of the menu item to view more links for that area. 

main nav menu

Navigation Help in the Knowledge Center

Every section of the knowledge center has an interface tour page like this one.

Look for the Navigation Icon5.png  navigation icon and the heading How You Get There on the how-to pages and walk-throughs for directions.



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