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Sheet Chart Settings

Describes appearance, data, and time settings for sheet charts in Discovery new user interface.

Only available with Adaptive Insights for Sales

A sheet chart is a container for displaying sheets within a Discovery dashboard. Sheet charts let you make changes to the sheet data your charts rely on without the need to navigate out of Discovery. Saved changes immediately update related charts and sheets in a dashboard.

It is particularly useful for making adjustments to territory map charts because it lets you save changes to the territory assignments sheet and instantly see the map change.

The following is an example sheet chart containing a modeled sheet of sales bookings targets:

Sheet Chart

Appearance Settings

Appearance Settings Tab Select the Appearance Settings tab on the right to change the appearance for the selected chart. 



Indicates the chart title.

Character Limit: 50

Data Settings

Data Settings Click the Data Settings tab in the right panel to configure settings for the sheet.


Indicates the sheet from Adaptive Insights to display.


Indicates if only assumptions appear in the sheets list.

  • On: Only show assumptions.
  • Off: Only show level-assigned sheets.

Time Settings

Time settings have no effect on sheet charts.

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