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Create a Sheet Chart

Explains how to create a sheet chart in the Discovery as part of territory planning.

Only available with Adaptive Insights for Sales

A sheet chart is a container for displaying sheets within a Discovery dashboard. Sheet charts let you make changes to the sheet data your charts rely on without the need to navigate out of Discovery. Saved changes immediately update related charts and sheets in a dashboard.

Sheet charts let you input data to see the results of your changes on the rest of your model. Think of them as input forms. If your other dashboards rely on a sheet, and you change the sheet content, your changes cascade automatically to those other locations when you save.

See Sheet Chart Settings for setting options and descriptions. See Sheets Overview to understand how sheets work across Adaptive Insights.

Basic Steps

  1. Click Edit Edit to put your dashboard in edit mode.
  2. On the left panel, click Chart tab to choose a chart. Drag and drop Sheet Chart Sheet Chart to the design area. 
  3. On the right panel, give the sheet chart a name in Appearance Settings Appearance Settings. This only names the container for the sheet and does not change the sheet name.
  4. Click Data Settings Data Settings and select the sheet from Adaptive Insights. Only the cube, modeled, and standard sheets you have permissions to view are available.
  5. Click Done Done.

Sheet charts inherit their display settings from the sheet, not from your dashboard configuration settings. To control the time period settings for time span elements in a sheet chart, go directly to the underlying sheet, change the time settings in the display options displayOptions.png , and save.

Modify Sheet Content in a Sheet Chart

Once you add a sheet chart to a dashboard you can edit its content if: 

  • You have permissions to edit the sheet in the Adaptive Insights
  • You select the level the sheet belongs to in the dashboard perspective context.
  • The dashboard is not in edit mode.

The type of edits you can make depend on the sheet type. The general editing process is:

  1. Select the level this sheet belongs to in perspective context.
  2. Click inside the sheet to edit. Use any of the sheet right-click context menus available, or use the sheet chart toolbar buttons. 
  3. Click Save within the sheet chart toolbar and any dependent charts in the dashboard refresh using your sheet edits.

View Sheet Filters in a Sheet Chart Containing a Cube Sheet

The filters you would normally see in a cube sheet in Adaptive Insights remain hidden in Discovery 1 normal view until the sheet chart is viewed in 2 expanded view mode.

Normal View:

Cube Sheet Normal View

Expanded View:

Cube Sheet Expanded View

To view the cube sheet filters:

  1. Move your cursor over a sheet chart containing a cube sheet.
  2. Click Expanded View disc-FullViewChart.png for the sheet.
  3. The cube sheet filters become visible and reflect the dashboard's Perspective Context settings.
  4. Click X at the top right of the expanded view to return the sheet to its normal view.

Changes made to cube sheet filters in expanded view get cleared when you return to normal view. If you need to change filter settings, do so by navigating to it from the main navigation > Sheets menu.

Sheet Chart Toolbar

The sheet chart toolbar is a compact version of the toolbar you would normally see for a sheet. The buttons available in it vary based on the sheet type. See Working with Sheets for more on using and understanding each of the sheet types. 

Button Description All Sheets Modeled Sheet/Standard Sheet Cube Sheet
sheetchartsearch.png Search: Enable the search form.    
Sheet Chart Search Form Search Form: Enter the search term.    
Sheet Chart Search Next Search Next: Move to the next search result.    
Sheet Chart Search Previous Search Previous: Move to the previous search result.    
Sheet Chart Clear Search Clear Search: Clear the search term    
sheetchartaddrow.png Add Row: Add a row.    
sheetchartdeleterow.png Delete Row: Delete a row.    
sheetchartsave.png Save: Save the sheet. This button only gets enabled if you made a sheet change.    
sheetchartclearalledits.png Clear All Sheet Edits: Clear all of the changes you made to the sheet since the last save. This button only gets enabled if you made a sheet change.    
sheetchartrefresh.png Refresh Sheet: Refresh the modeled sheet.   Modeled Sheets only  

More: Contains other context menu choices based on the sheet type.

  • Row Details
  • Display Options
  • Copy Formula/Copy Value
  • Add Sheet Notes
  • Clear Cell
  • Explore Cell


  • Change Cube Dimensions
  • Swap Cube Axis

Sheet Chart Examples

Territory Assignment Sheet and Territory Map

A territory assignment sheet might list sales representatives and their territory assignments. In the example below, a sheet chart was created containing the territory assignment sheet and included under its related territory map chart. Any geography changes in the sheet get reflected in the territory map.

Sheet Chart - Territory Assignment Example

Bookings Target Sheet and Plan vs Target Chart

A sales bookings targets sheet might list both dollar amounts or percentages you need to set year over year. In the example below, the bookings target sheet is placed under a chart that compares planned bookings to target bookings. Any percentage or dollar changes in the sheet get reflected by the bars in the chart.

Sheet Chart - Bookings Target Sheet Example

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