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Create a Calculation for a Chart

Explains how to create calculations that you can apply to any chart in the Discovery new user interface. Use the Metric Editor to build  expressions by referencing existing accounts and other saved calculations. Also explains how to edit and delete calculations.

Before You Get Started

  • New to calculations? Learn more.
  • Build your calculation: 
    • What is purpose or end result? 
    • What accounts are needed in the expression? Make note of the account codes that you want to reference in the expression before opening the Metric Editor.
    • Will the calculation be applied to a chart or reused in another calculation?
  • Create a subfolder for your calculation. Folders are useful if your instance has many calculations and can help with browsing. Once you create a calculation, you cannot move it. 

Create a Calculation

You can create a calculation and add it to a chart as a data series.

  1. Navigate to the perspective and dashboard for the new chart. Click Edit from the toolbar to switch to edit mode.
  2. In the left panel, click Account Tab to view a list of accounts and metrics. 
  3. Hover over any folder in <your instance> Metric. Click More Icon to open the more menu and choose Add Calculated Metric. The Metric Editor displays with the Settings tab open.

Metrics More menu in the Left Panel

Name the Calculation 

Each calculation must have a display name and code. Charts and other calculations use the code to uniquely identify the calculation. Use the Settings tab to name the calculation:

Settings Tab on the Metric Editor

  1. On the Settings tab, provide a name. Spaces and special characters are allowed.
  2. Provide a unique code for the calculation. This code must be unique. Spaces and special characters are not allowed:
    • QuickRatio (valid)
    • quick_Ratio (valid)
    • quick_ratio_1 (valid)
    • quick-ratio (not valid)
    • quick ratio (not valid)
  3. Optional. Provide an short name.
  4. Choose a format from the Display As drop-down:
    • Currency (default)
    • Number
    • Percent
  5. Change the Decimal Place. The default is 0.
  6. Optional. Click Save.

Save after completing each major step (name, build expression, restrict dimensions) to save time in case you need to cancel before completing the calculation.

  1. If you saved at this point, reopen the calculation to continue editing the calculation. From the left panel, click More Icon on the calculation and choose Edit.

Build the Expression

Click Help Icon on the Metrics Editor for a list of operators and functions.

Expression Tab on the Metric Editor

Restrict Dimensions and Attributes

You can restrict dimensions and attributes on the calculation for drilldowns in view mode and for filtering on charts. For example, if you want to restrict the dimensions available from a calculation to levels and functions, you can apply those restrictions from the Dimension / Attributes tab in the Metric Editor.

Dimensions and Attributes Tab on the Metric Editor

Choose an option for restricting dimensions and attributes available for the chart filters and breakdown in edit mode and for drilldowns in view mode. Options include:

  • Auto: Default. Level dimension only. 
  • Custom: All dimensions and attributes are selected. You can choose a mix of dimensions and attributes that are available selection on chart settings and for the drilldown.
  • All: All dimensions and attributes are selected. You can choose dimensions and attributes that are available for selection on chart settings. All dimensions and attributes are available for the drilldown and cannot be changed.

When you add the calculation to a chart and edit the data settings, your selections for filtering are restricted to the dimensions and attributes you chose from the Metric Editor. If you chose to restrict by Levels and Functions, you can only choose to filter by the Level and Function dimensions on the chart. 1 is an example of the Filter selector when editing a calculation from the chart settings. 2 is an example of the drilldown options available when viewing the chart. 

Examples of Restricted Dimensions When Editing a Chart and When Drilling Down in View mode

Edit a Calculation

You can edit any calculation in <your instance> Metric folder. Hover over the calculation and click More Icon on the calculation and choose Edit. You can edit any setting, change the expression, or change dimensions available for drilldown.

Before you make any change, keep in mind that others may be using this calculation in other charts.

Delete a Calculation

Use care when deleting a calculation, they may be used in other charts. Deleting calculations can cause errors or change the analysis on charts that reference the calculation.

You can delete any calculation in <your instance> Metric folder. Hover over the calculation and click More Icon on the calculation and choose Delete. A confirmation message displays. Click OK to delete.

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