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User's Levels In Context Pane


Where do the "User's Levels" shown in the Context Pane "Level:" drop-down come from?


For users with access to more than one disparate level (that is, levels in different places of the Organization Structure), a synthetic level will be shown that refers to all those users' levels in one place.

These "User's Levels" will allow a user to view dials/dashboards as another user would. To see the option to view Discovery in the perspective of another user, the user must have access to all levels of the user.

If a user did not have access to all of Admin2's levels in the screenshot above, "Admin2's Levels" would not appear. Additionally, if Admin2 did not have access to non-consecutive levels, the option would not display for any user.

Admin2's Level Access

A user would need to at least have access to "212 - Finance", "213 - ITxxx", "216 - Marketing", "225 - Manufacturing", "227 - Operations", and "229 - Sales" to see "Admin2's Levels" in Discovery.

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