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Use Audit Trail


How do I turn on Audit Trail? Also, what changes does Audit Trail track?


Turn Audit Trail On/Off

Audit Trail can be turned on for any version (including actuals sub-versions).

  1. Navigate to Modeling > Versions.
  2. In Version Details:
    • Select Audit Trail to turn it on.
    • Deselect (uncheck) Audit Trail to turn in off. When you disable Audit Trail, all audit trail information for that version is deleted.

By default the Audit Trail is off in all versions. When a version is cloned, the new version starts with the auditing setting the same as the original version. If the original version had auditing turned on, cloning includes the option to copy the existing Audit Trail history when creating the new version. The administrator may either choose to start with a fresh, empty audit history in the new version, or to start by copying all existing Audit Trail history from the original version.

Audit Trail shows the history of user-entered changes for a cell. This information helps to answer questions about where and when the data originated, who made the latest changes to the cell, and so on. The audit trail also tracks changes resulting from imports and formula updates.

The Audit Trail feature tracks changes to:

View Audit Trail Changes

To query changes tracked through Audit Trail:

  1. Navigate to: Reports.
  2. Select Audit Trail Search from New Report.



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