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Find Data in Sheets

Explains how to use the different search functions in sheets.

Use the search functions in Adaptive Insights sheets:

  • Filter or search the entire sheet by keywords or numbers.
  • Find drop-down values in modeled and standard sheets.
  • Find versions in the version drop-down.
  • Find dimension values in cube sheets. 

Before You Begin

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu select Sheets, Assumptions, or Processes. Once you open a sheet, select a version and choose a level. You must choose a leaf level to edit cells.

See Open Sheets and Get to Editable Cells.

Search or Filter the Entire Sheet 

Standard and Cube Sheets

Find any match on the sheet in row headers, or in cells. It does not find column headers or values in drop-downs that haven't been selected. 

  1. Select the Search SearchSheet.png button to open the search bar.
  2. Enter any word, portion of a word, or any number, and press Enter. The sheet highlights the next match.
  3. Select the arrows to find the next match. 

Keyword Search.png

Modeled Sheets

  1. Select the Filter FilterInFilterSheets.png button to open the search bar.
  2. Enter any word, portion of a word, or any number and press Enter. 
  3. The sheet displays all rows that include a match. 

Search Model and Standard Sheet Drop-Down Menus

Works on modeled and standard sheets.

For the drop-down in the toolbar and any cell drop-down:

  1. Select the drop-down arrow in the cell.
  2. Enter any word or portion of a word and select the magnifying glass.
  3. The search tab shows all the matching results. 

Search Versions

Works for all sheets.

  1. Select the version drop-down arrow:

    Version drop-down.png
  2. Enter any word or portion of a word.
  3. Select the magnifying glass to find a match and click it again to find the next match. 

Search Cube Sheet Dimensions

Cube sheet dimensions may be on the sheet (in rows or columns) or they can be lined up as filters. 

  • To find dimension values listed in rows, use the search field in the toolbar (see above). 
  • To find dimension values within dimension filters, select the drop-down arrow of the dimension filter and follow the steps in Search Versions (above). 
  • The search functions don't find column headers. 
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