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Create Dashboard Charts in Sheets

Explains how to create dashboard charts directly from sheets.

With Dashboards permissions, create charts from your standard sheets and save them to your dashboard. In standard sheets, you can only build Dashboards charts with the data in the sheet. Go to Dashboards to build charts with other data. Check out the Dashboards articles to fully understand chart types and time settings. 

Before You Begin

  • Required permissions: Access Discovery > Visualize Data from Modeling Engine.
  • You need a standard sheet. 

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu select Sheets, Assumptions, or Processes. Once you open a sheet, select a version and choose a level. You must choose a leaf level to edit cells.

See Open Sheets and Get to Editable Cells.

Interface Tour of Dashboards in Sheets

Discovery Charts in Sheets

1 Select the cells from the sheet. This data displays in chart when you select Chart enableChart.png from the sheet toolbar.

2 Chart name: Edit the chart name. 

3 Chart options: 

Chart Options Select chart type. 
Fullscreen See the chart in full screen. 
Save to Discovery New Save to Dashboards.

4 Time settings.

5 Versions and accounts: Add more accounts and versions to the chart.

Create Dashboards Charts in Sheets

  1. Select the cells for the chart.
  2. Select Chart enableChart.png. You see the chart to the right of the sheet.
  3. Change the name of the chart. 
  4. Select Chart Options  Chart Options  to change the type of chart and chart detail level.
  5. Adjust the time settings to view the data. See Dashboards time settings for each type of chart. Most charts allow you to: 
    Time settings
    1. Choose to show a single period or a range.
    2. Choose the date for single period or the start and end date of a range.
    3. Choose time period (month, quarter, year) depending on your instance's calendar configuration.
  6. You can add versions and accounts to display more data.
  7. Save the chart.
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