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Add or Edit Cell Notes

Explains how to add, update, and remove cell notes and how to search for them.

Review and add notes to any cell within a sheet. Cell notes "stick" to the cross-section of time, accounts, levels, and versions. 

How Cell Notes Work

Cells with notes have red triangles in the corner. Add cell notes to almost any cell unless:

  • The version or level is locked.
  • The cell is not a standard data cell (for example, the header cell of a column).

Cell notes are part of specific versions. You can only see cell notes and search cell notes in the version you selected. Notes in sub-versions do not roll up to the parent version. For example, if a cell note is added to a sub-version of actuals, Pre-Elimination, you don't see the note if you're in the parent version, Actuals

versions and sub-versions

Notes in levels do roll up to parent levels. So, you can see the notes of both United States and Canada if you have select their parent level, Operations. If you select Canada, you can't see the notes of the parent, Operations, or the sibling, United States. You can see both Sales and Services cell notes.  

Levels and Notes

Cell notes are separate from sheet notes and workflow level notes. 

Before You Begin

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu select Sheets, Assumptions, or Processes. Once you open a sheet, select a version and choose a level. You must choose a leaf level to edit cells.

See Open Sheets and Get to Editable Cells.

Add or Edit Cell Notes

  1. Right-click on the cell and select Add Note,or Edit Note if a note exists already. 
  2. Enter the note or edit and click OK.
  3. Click  Save.

Delete Cell Notes

Right-click the cell and select Remove Note.

Search for Cell Notes

Find cell notes across all sheets:

  1. Go to Sheets > Overview.
  2. Pick the version and level you want to search from the drop-down menus.
  3. Click Search Cell Notes.
  4. Enter  criteria or leave the criteria fields blank to find all notes in the version and level (including any sublevels). 
  5. Click Search
  6. From the results, click the magnifying glass icon to open Cell Explorer. From there you can see the data, the note, the account, level, date, and sheets. 

Click the magnifying glass icon next the search results to explore the cell data 

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