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Edit Data in Cells

Explains the different ways to enter or edit data in cells.

Audience: Planners who enter data in sheets.

Depending on the cell and the sheet, you can choose any number of ways to enter and edit data. Link to more information in this article.

Before You Begin

How You Get There

Compass.png From the nav menu select Sheets, Assumptions, or Processes. Once you open a sheet, select a version and choose a level. You must choose a leaf level to edit cells.

See Open Sheets and Get to Editable Cells.

Steps to Enter Data in Basic Cells

Watch this video: 54s 

Data Entry Basics
  1. Click in a white or blue cell or highlight a range of cells. 
  2. Choose a method to enter data:
  3. Click Save SheetViewer-Save.png.  Data text is blue until you save.

See Create Formulas

Delete Data

  • For unsaved work (the text is blue): Click  Refresh Sheet refreshSheet.png
  • For saved work when the cells are editable (white or blue background): Click in the cell and press Delete or Backspace from your keyboard, or type in new data and press enter.

Best Practice: Click Refresh Sheet before you enter data, after you save you work, or to delete your unsaved work.

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