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Sheet Toolbar

Describes the buttons on the sheet toolbar.

The toolbar on sheets changes based on the sheet type

Button Description Sheet Type
Hide Unhide Formula Bar.png Expands or collapses the formula bar. All sheets
formulaAssistant.png Provides correct formula syntax. All sheets
Sheet Viewer-Save Submits your changes to the database. Once you save a sheet,  other users can see your changes when they open this sheet. Other sheets that use the data are also updated.  All sheets

Downloads data to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel (*xls)

For modeled sheets, the buttons is disabled when the sheet exceeds 1.5 million cells. Use filters to reduce the the number of cells. 

All Sheets
recalculateFormulas.png Recalculates formulas on all rows and brings isolated sheets back into sync with the rest of your model. Modeled  and cube sheets
addSplit.png Splits the row.

Standard sheets

deleteSplit.png Deletes the selected split.  Standard sheets
renameSplit.png Renames the current split Standard sheets

Adds a new record to a modeled sheet. Reveals a suppressed row or finds a revealed row in a cube sheet. See Add Splits and Rows.

Modeled and cube sheets
sheetDeleteRow.png Deletes the selected row or rows. Modeled sheets
copyFormulasMode.png copyValuesMode.png Changes the copy mode from Copy Formulas Mode copyFormulasMode.png  to Copy Values Mode copyValuesMode.png. Click the button to toggle between the two modes. See Cut, Copy, and Paste Reference. All sheets
ResetDefaultView.png Restores the sheet to the  initial view defined by your admin.   Standard and cube sheets

Filters time ranges, and dimensions.

In modeled sheets:

Let's you create multiple filters per column.

Conditionally all sheets
Choose the dimensions and attributes to display in the rows and columns.   Cube sheets
Swaps the row headers with the column headers.  Cube sheets
refreshSheet.png Updates sheet with any new changes which may have been made to the data by other users. Discards any changes you have made prior to saving. Best Practice: Use to erase your unsaved work. To see updates made by others, always save your work first. All sheets
enableChart.png Displays a graphical version of the selected cells. Only available to users with Discovery permissions. Standard sheets
SearchSheet.png Opens search field so you can enter numbers or words to find matches. Select the up and down arrows to find the next match. All sheets
FilterInFilterSheets.png Opens a keyword field so you can enter numbers or words to show records that match within existing filters.  Modeled sheets
refreshModeledSheetData.png Pulls data from a linked modeled sheet.

Modeled sheets that are linked to other modeled sheets.

LevelsinToolbar.png Dropdown menu with all levels you can access.  In a standard sheet, the selector has a list of accounts if the rows are levels.  Standard and modeled sheets
SheetNotes.png View or add notes to the sheet. Sheet notes are version and level specific.  You can only add notes to a level without sub-levels. If you select a level, you can only see its notes and its sub-level's notes.  All sheets


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