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Sheets Interface Tour

Introduces you to the interface of the Sheets Overview page, the Assumptions Sheets Overview page and an open sheet.

See Using Sheets to see all the articles.

Watch this video: (1m 7s)

Meet the Sheets

Sheets Overview Menu

Click > Sheets or Sheets > Overview.

The Sheets Overview screen

1 All sheets assigned to levels you can access. 

2 Version drop-down: All versions you can access. 

3 Level drop-down: All levels you can access. 

4 Search for all cell notes throughout all sheets assigned to your levels or create an Audit Trail report

5 View or change the Workflow status  (if you have Workflow). 

Assumptions Sheets Overview

Click > Assumptions or Assumptions > Overview.

User assigned sheets overview screen

1 All sheets assigned directly to you.

2 Version drop-down: All versions you can access. 

3 Search for all cell notes throughout all sheets assigned to you or create an Audit Trail report

4 Select sheets to push through the Workflow process (if you have Workflow).

5 Review workflow status and notes (if you have Workflow). 

Individual Sheets

Once you open a sheet: 

Opened Sheet interface

1 The sheet toolbar: Complete tasks with buttons. The toolbar changes for each sheet type.

2 Version drop-down: All versions you can access. 

3 Level/Account drop-down: All levels you can access or accounts on the sheet. 

4 Formula bar: Enter data or formulas and click the green checkmark. Click the red x to delete data.

5 Row and column headers: Most sheets have accounts listed down the first column and time listed across the first row. Expand and collapse hierarchical rows and drag column dividers to resize them. See Change Sheet View.

6 Cells: Enter data directly into cells or right-click for additional actions.

7 Keyboard Shortcuts: View a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Multi-Currency in Sheets

Your instance may use different currencies for each level. Check the currency in the bottom right corner of the screen: 

Currency in Sheets.png

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