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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Concept: Your Sheet View

Introduces you to the default sheet view and your personalized sheet view.

To define sheet views you and your admin use various options to set what data and metadata the sheet displays and how the sheet displays it. You have two set sheet views:

  • Default view
  • Your preferred view

Both the default and your preferred view are defined by columns, filters, rows, the timespan, and other display options.

Default View

Your admin sets the default view. This is how the sheet appears the first time any user opens it. You can always revert to the default view. Click the Reset to Default View from the toolbar before you save the sheet.

Preferred View

Make changes to the sheet display and save the sheet. The next time you open the sheet, it's set up the way you left it. Every time you save the sheet, you set your preferred view. You can't revert to your preferred view. The only way to reset your preference is to make changes to the view and save them again.

Why Change Your View

  • Get to unlocked cells, reduce the size of your sheet, and eliminate scrolling. See Troubleshooting: Get to Unlocked Cells.
  • Hide rows of blank data.
  • See different sets of data if your admin has limited the amount of rows a modeled sheet can display.
  • Remove or hide data that's irrelevant to you.
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