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Launch Explore Cell and Row Details

Describes how to use Explore Cell to identify formula errors, audit cell changes, and drill into Workday and other data sources.

Explore Cell and Row Details are windows that you launch from  data points in sheets, reports, and charts. The window provides information about the data. You can drill through to contributing data sources, such as Workday actuals or objects, or drill down to contributing values from other accounts, dimensions, and levels. What you can see and do from these windows depends on your permissions, your access, and the type of data you're exploring. 

See Drill Down and Drill Through for general information and other ways to drill. 


  • To open the window from sheets, reports,  intercompany eliminations, and formula validations, right-click a data point and select Explore Cell or Row Details.
  • To open the window from charts, right-click and select Explore Data.  

Information and Links in Explore Cell

On the left, find information about the dimensions, such as account, level, and time. From here you may be able to link to the:

  • Settings of the account and level. 
  • Values of the account, level, or time rollups. This opens an Explore Cell window for the rollup data. 

On the right, find information about the value. From here you may be able to: 

  • Link to other sheets that display the value.
  • Retrieve an audit trail report to view the history. 
  • Drill through source details, such as Workday report and objects, Adaptive Planning transaction tables, and NetSuite data.
  • Review the formula if there is one.

On the bottom, find drill down options. Depending on the contributing factors of the data, you may be able to: 

  • Open another Explore Cell window for each formula component or for the source account of linked accounts.
  • Drill down contributing versions, accounts, levels, or custom dimensions. 
  • See the currency for the selected data.

Information and Links in Row Details 

Row details provide more information about the data for modeled accounts only. Right-click on any cell and select Row Details. At the top of the window, find the level, version, and the row name. In the table, review the values for each timespan period of all the sheet's accounts.

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