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Troubleshooting: Get to Editable Cells in Sheets

Explains what to do when all the cells on your sheet appears to be read-only.

Audience: Planners who enter data on sheets.

The cells on your sheet may be gray (read-only). Troubleshoot the sheet to get editable cells. 



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Do You Have Permission to Edit?

Check your permissions with your admin. You can't edit data if you:

  • Have the Access Sheets permission without the Editable Sheet Access permission.
  • Don't have the Access Salary Detail permission and the sheet, account, or cell has salary data.

Is the Version Locked?

Choose a version that isn't locked. In the version dropdown, locked versions have a lock icon next to them.  

Have You Selected Leaf-Level Accounts, Levels, and Dimensions?

  • For all sheets: Expand the rows until they can't be expanded.
  • For modeled and standard sheets: From the drop-down in the toolbar, choose a level (or an account) without sub-levels or sub-accounts. 1 Levels and accounts with sub-levels have an expand/collapse icon, and 2 levels and accounts without sub-levels do not.


  • For cube sheets only: From each dimension filter along the top of the sheet, choose a value that can't be expanded. If you don't know which filters are dimensions, ask your admin. 

Are You Looking at Actuals Overlay?

If the font is green in a cell and you're in a planning version, you're looking at actuals data that can't be edited in a planning version. Go to the actuals version for the time period and edit the data.

Is the Data a Formula?

If the cell has a blue triangle and it's gray, the value is calculated from data entered in other accounts. Select the cell and look at the formula bar to see the account being referenced in the formula: 

Account in Formula

If you have access to that account in another sheet, edit the source data.

Is the Account Linked?

Linked accounts pull data from another account and are read-only. Edit the data in the source account: Right-click > Explore Cell. Select the linked account. From that Explore Cell window, select the sheet where you may be able to edit the data.

Link Account in cell explorer

Is it a Modeled Sheet With No Records?

Modeled sheets that have no records appear uneditable. To get started, select Add Row from the toolbar and enter or paste the data. 

Is it a Modeled or Cube Account on a Standard Sheet?

Modeled or cube accounts on standard sheets are read-only. Go to the account's modeled or cube sheet to edit the source data: Right-click > Explore Cell, and then select the account's modeled or cube sheet.

sheets in cell explorer

Are Zeroes and Blanks Suppressed?

If zeros and blank rows are suppressed, try showing them. From the toolbar, select Display Options. At the bottom of the window, uncheck the Suppress rows if all zeros or blanks.

If it's a cube sheet that is too large to show all suppressed rows, select Add Row from the toolbar and choose dimensions to reveal specific rows. 

Does Your Standard Sheet have Mixed Time Configurations?

Standard sheets with accounts that have different time configurations show the largest common time period. Accounts with smaller time periods show read-only time rollups. To edit the smaller time periods, right-click on the account row and select View by Level. The columns display the smaller time period data by level for the account.

Does Your Instance Use Workflow?

You can't edit the data of levels that have been submitted for approval or that have been approved using Workflow. Talk to the person who approves the workflow process. They can reject the level so that the sheet is once again editable.

Does Your Instance Use Access Rules? 

Access rules can make certain intersections of data read-only. See Reference: Access Rules and Your Model for details.

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