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Reference: Cell Colors and Notations Legend

Describes what cell colors and text can tell you about the data in sheets.

For information about cell colors and notations on Excel Interface for Planning sheets, go to Using Excel Interface for Planning > Concept: Cell Colors and Notations Legend, which is slightly different.

Cells and the data in cells have different background and text colors, font styles, and triangle notations. This provides quick at-a-glance information about the data. 

What You See What It Means

White Cell

White background with any text color

Edit the cell if there is text of any color or if it is blank. 

Gray Background

Gray background with any text color

Read-only. The color or style of the text may indicate why. See Troubleshooting: Get to Editable Cells

Blue Background

Blue background with any text color

Rollups (totals) for accounts, time, custom dimensions, or splits.  Change rollup values using breakback. 

Blue Text

Blue text with white or blue background

Unsaved data.

green text

Green text with any background color

Actuals data. The background color tells you more about the data.  

Bold Text

Bold text with any background color



Blue triangle in the corner of cell with any color text or background

Has a formula. The background tells you if you can edit or replace the formula. 

Red Cell

Red background

Has a formula error. 

Red Text

Red text with any background color

The formula, although correct, is referencing a cell with an error.

Red Triangle

Red triangle in the corner of cell with any color text or background

Has a note. 

Purple Border Cell.png

Purple border

Data that falls outside the expected range of the prediction. See Detect Anomalies in Sheets.

modeled-sheet-checkbox-checked-saved.png modeled-sheet-checkbox-unchecked-saved.png modeled-sheet-toggle-switch-on-saved.png modeled-sheet-toggle-switch-off-saved.png

Gray or green checkboxes and switches


modeled-sheet-checkbox-checked-changed.png modeled-sheet-unchecked-checkbox-changed.png modeled-sheet-toggle-switch-on-changed.png modeled-sheet-toggle-switch-off-changed.png

Blue checkboxes and switches 

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