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Open Sheets

Explains how to find and open user-assigned sheets and level-assigned sheets.

Sheets provide an interface to view, enter, and update data (such as actual ledger data, forecasts, personnel information and budgets). There are three types of sheets: standard, modeled, and cube. 

Find sheets in:

  • Processes
  • Sheets 
  • Assumptions 
  • Dashboards 

You can also toggle between sheets with a keyboard shortcut.

Best Practice: From the shortcut list or the Overview list, right-click on a sheet name to open it in another tab or window of your browser.

The level you have chosen affects what sheets you can see. If you choose a level that isn't assigned to a sheet you've opened, you'll be returned to the Sheets Overview page. From there, choose from a list of sheets available to the selected level.


Open Process Tasks

Security: Access Process Tracker permission.

For process tasks with attached sheets: Select the arrow next to Processes from the nav menu,. The task pane lists all the tasks assigned to you. When you select a task with an attached sheet, the sheet opens to the right. See Processes and Tasks and Change Data in Cells.

Open Sheets from the Sheets Menu

When you use the Sheets menu, you see Sheets in the breadcrumb. 

Sheets Shortcut

From the nav menu, click the arrow next to Sheets. Select a sheet from the shortcut list.

Sheets Overview 

From the nav menu, go to Sheets > Overview. Select the sheet you want to open.

Open Assumption or User-Assigned Sheets

Administrators assign assumption sheets to you, or to multiple users, who can update the data too. When you open an assumption sheet, Assumptions is in the breadcrumb. 

Assumptions Shortcut

From the nav menu, hover over the arrow next to Assumptions. Select a sheet to open it. 

Assumptions Overview

  1. Select Assumptions > Overview
  2. Select the list to open a sheet.
  3. Before you can change data in cells, select levels from the Level prompt. You can't enter data on levels that are gray. 

Open Sheets in Dashboards

Security: Access Dashboards permission.

From the nav menu, go to Dashboards and open a perspective. If there's a sheet, expand it to view or change the data. Or, add a sheet to your dashboard  so you can access it from the dashboard. See Use Sheets on Dashboards.

Toggle with Keyboard Shortcut

Once you have opened a sheet, toggle to other sheets listed in that menu. 

  1. With your keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt. The list of sheets appears in the same order they are listed in the menu. 
  2. While holding down Ctrl and Alt, press ] to move forward through the list and [ to move backwards. 
  3. When you have highlighted the sheet, as shown in the image, let go of the keys to open the sheet. 

Use the keyboard shortcut


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