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Concept: Sheets

Introduces you to the basic concepts of sheets.

Sheets provide an interface to view, enter, and update data (such as actual ledger data, forecasts, personnel information and budgets). There are three types of sheets: standard, modeled, and cube. 

Find sheets under Sheets, Assumptions, or Processes. See Concept: Sheets Quick Tour and Identify Sheet Types and Concept: Adaptive Planning.

How Sheets Work

Diagram showing how sheets work.

Use sheets to see and change data. When you save sheets, you're updating the data stored on the server.  

Sheet Access

Access to sheets and portions of sheets depend on permissions, assignments, and data restrictions set by your admin.


Administrators must assign permissions to your user ID:

  • Access Sheets permission: View sheets.
  • Editable Sheet Access permission: Enter or edit data.

To view and edit sheets from your dashboards, you also need the Access Dashboard permission. 

Sheet Assignments

Your admin assigns sheets to:

  • Levels you can access. Go to Sheets > Overview
  • You directly. Go to Assumptions > Overview.

Sheets on Dashboards

Your team shares sheets with you that you can either view or edit. Go to Dashboards. With the appropriate permissions, you can create sheets on dashboards. See Sheets on Dashboards

Sheet and Data Restrictions

Your admin may restrict sheets or portions of sheets. For example, a sales-related user may have access to the sheet's  expenses, travel, and other sales-related data, but not the data used by the marketing department.  Here are some common restrictions:

  • View but not edit data.
  • View a sheet, but not see certain rows or columns.

Sheet Components

Values and Calculations on Sheets

Cells with calculated values have blue triangles. Calculated values use Adaptive Planning formulas that you enter in a cell, or an admin embeds in the account or cell. Values in a sheet may be calculated with data that is not displayed on the sheet. Likewise, data you enter or calculate in a sheet can affect values displayed in other sheets. 

Explore the cell to see the formula. 

Dimensions and Attributes on Sheets

Dimensions and attributes are drop-down filters or drop-down cells in the sheet. Your administrator defines the dimensions and attributes. Dimensions and attributes act differently on each sheet type. 

Read-Only Cells

Gray cells are read-only for many reasons. See Troubleshooting: Get to Changeable Data in Sheets.

Workflow and Sheets

Workflow is an approval process for sheets through status changes and email notification. When you complete your data-entry, you submit the sheet for approval. The approver may reject or approve the sheet. Once a level or sheet is approved, you can't change the data. 

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