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Workday Adaptive Planning KB

Use Workflow

Workflow is optional. When you set up Workflow, it simplifies the process of approving and rejecting levels within planning versions and actuals, not including actuals sub-versions.

Before You Begin

  • Workflow is an additional feature. Request it from your representative. 
  • Required permissions to manage Workflow:  Approve Levels
  • Required permission to submit levels for approval: Access Sheets > Editable Sheets Access

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png If you can edit sheets, from the nav menu, click Sheets > Overview. At the bottom of the page, find the Level Workflow Status. Submit the sheets in the levels you can access. 

Navigation Icon5.png If you can approve workflow, from the nav menu, click Workflow. You can see all the sheets and their statuses per level or per user.

The Workflow option in the main navigation menu is only available to users with access to a level hierarchy. Users with access to only a leaf-level can view, submit, and approve workflows using a process task. See Create a Process and Process Tasks.

How Workflow Works

Workflow provides an approval process for completed sheets, both level-assigned and user-assigned sheets. When all the data entry for sheets is completed, or the data has been imported for actuals, you can submit them to a manager or supervisor for approval from the Sheets Overview.

Workflow section of the Sheets Overview page

The approver receives an email notification and can then review, reject, (if necessary) and approve the data.  Once the approver changes the status, you receive an email notification.

If you can approve Workflow statuses, from the workflow page, you can see both level assigned sheets and user assigned sheets. Level-assigned sheets (at the top of the Workflow tab) are submitted and reviewed by level in Workflow. User-assigned sheets (at the bottom of the Workflow tab) are submitted by sheet:


You can see all the levels and sheets that you control with their status:

workflowInProgress.png In Progress: The sheets are ready for data entry or data import.

workflowSubmittedForReview.png Submitted for Review: The data is ready for review.

workflowApproved.png Approved: The reviewer reviewed and approved the data. Approving a level locks the cells for that level, and you and your team cannot edit the data.

workflowRejected.png Rejected: The reviewer reviewed and rejected the data. Best Practice: Leave a note explaining what still needs to be done.

workflowLocked.png Approved and Locked: The reviewer approved the parent level, which locks all sub-levels. You and your team cannot edit data for the level and sub-levels.

Workflow is version and level specific, so be sure you select the correct version and correct level when taking workflow related actions.

Enable Workflow for Actuals

  1. Go to Modeling > Versions
  2. Select the root actuals from the list. Root actuals is the first actuals version listed. 
  3. In the Version Details screen, click Enable Workflow
  4. Click Save.

Workflow cannot be enabled for sub-versions of actuals.

Submit, Approve or Reject Levels

When you submit a level, you submit all the level-assigned sheets for the level. 

  1. Go to Sheets > Overview
  2. Verify that both the Level selector and the Version selector have the correct level and version selected.
  3. At the bottom of the screen,  add a note in the Note box if necessary
  4. Click Submit, Approve, or Reject at the bottom of the screen.

A parent level can only be submitted if all its sub-levels have been approved. If you have permission, you can approve the sub-levels as part of submitting a parent level.

Submitting a parent level marks all its sub-levels as approved and locked. They cannot be un-submitted without un-submitting their parent first.

Submit, Approve, or Reject User-Assigned Sheets

  1. Go to Assumption > Overview to see a list of your user-assigned sheets.
  2. Select the sheet from the list. 
  3. On the right, add a Note if necessary and click Submit, Approve, or Reject

Change Workflow Status

  1. Go to Workflow from the navigation bar.
  2. Verify that you have selected the correct version from the version dropdown above the toolbar.
  3. Select the level or sheet to submit from the list. 
  4. On the right side of the screen, add a Note if necessary and click Submit, Approve, or Reject


Reset all sheets and levels back to In Progress with one click.

  1. Go to Workflow.
  2. Verify that you have selected the correct version from the version dropdown above the toolbar.
  3. Select Total Company from the level list.
  4. Click Reset.

Leave Notes

Add comments to the Note box and either submit the status change or click Save Note Only. This let's others know what you have completed, any questions you may have or the reasons for a rejection or approval.

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