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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Reference: Process Task Fields

Describes the fields of the New Task screen for creating a process task.

To create a process with standard tasks assigned to individual users or groups, see Steps: Create Processes and Tasks.

Field Name Description

Task Type

Specifies the process task type:

  • Standard task. Associates with content such as sheets, reports, workflows, or dashboards.  You can assign a standard task to a specific user or a user group.
  • Level workflow task. Refers to a version and a level. You cannot assign this task type to a specific user or a user group. Only owners of the speci­fied level with access to the specified version can see this task.
  • Sheet workflow task. Refers to a version and a sheet. You cannot assign this task type to a specific user or a user group. Only users with access to the specified version and sheet can see this task.
Assignment Type Indicates if the task is an individual or a group assignment. Available only if  Standard task is selected as the task type. After you create a task, you cannot change this assignment type (for example, from group assignment to individual). To change the assignment type, create another task.  

Specifies the task completion status for standard tasks. 

Assigned To

Specifies the person responsible for completing the task. Available only if Standard task is selected as the task type. For a group assignment type, specifies a user group.  Search for a name, email address, or user group in the search bar.  After you create a task, you cannot change this value.

How many group members must complete this task? 

Specifies the condition for completing a group task. Available only if Group is selected as the assignment type.

  • Any. Only one user in the group can complete the assignment to mark the task complete. Share a single task across many users. For example, any person in the Office of the CFO group can update the merit calculation rate for their company.

  • All.  Each user in the group must complete their portion of the assignment to complete the task. For example, kick-start a planning process where all group members need to take action on their expense sheets.

 After you create a task, you cannot change this value.  



Specifies the context of the task for the assignee. Available only if Standard task is selected for task type.

  • None:  Allows users to complete the task without using Adaptive Planning.
  • Sheet: Allows you to select a sheet and version for the task.
  • Report: Allows you to select a shared report and version for the task.
  • Assumption Sheet: Allows you to select an assumption sheet for the task.
  • Workflow: Allows you to select a version for the workflow. When the user submits the level, the approver gets notified. 
  • Dashboards: Allows you to select Dashboards and further select a specific perspective or a specific dashboard for the task. Assignees can see the relevant context from the process guide.

Due date or Days before process target date

Due date or Days after process target date

Specifies a due date or number of days before the process target date the task is due.

Due dates and target dates are time-zone aware. Users see them accord­ing to their local time. For example, a process administrator creates a task due at 1:00 pm PST on a particular day. The assignee sees it as due at 4:00 pm EST on the same day.