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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Complete Tasks in a Process

Explains how to complete tasks assigned to you.

Your process administrator creates process tasks and assigns them to you to complete. They can send a notification with a link to your process guide where you can see and complete your assigned tasks. 

You can:

  • Take action on instruction tasks
  • Edit a sheet for content related to sheets
  • View the specific dashboard for content related to Dashboards
  • View reports for content related to Dashboards
  • Add notes for workflow or general tasks

Before You Begin

  • New to Processes? See Concept: Processes and Process Tasks.
  • Required permissions for accessing and completing tasks:
    • Access Process Tracker
    • Complete Tasks Assigned to Self 
    • Complete Any Task. 
  • Required permissions for accessing content associated with tasks:
    • Approve Levels for workflows. All users including those with only leaf-level access need the Approve Levels permission to view, submit, and approve workflow tasks through their process guide. 
    • Access Sheets for web sheets. For Assumption sheets, the user must be assigned to the sheet.
    • Access Reports for web reports
    • Access Dashboards for dashboards

See Process Tracker Permissions in the article Reference: Available Permissions.


Navigation Icon5.png From the main navigation menu, click the right-arrow next to Processes. From the sub menu, click your process guide link. You can also click the Go to Process Guide link from the process overview page.

Complete a Process Task

  1. From the task notification, click the link to your process guide for a particular process. 

  2. Select a task. Read the description, enter notes, add attachments, or view the related content such as a sheet, a report, or a dashboard.
    To collapse the task list and increase your workspace, click the left-arrow. To expand the task list, click the right-arrow. 

  3. When done, select the check box to mark the task as complete. This task shows up under Tasks Completed list in the process overview. 

 You continue to see your assigned individual and group tasks until all tasks in the guide are complete. After you complete all assigned tasks for a process, the process guide removes for you.  Others with incomplete tasks in the process guide continue to see it.