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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Create a Process and Process Tasks

As a process administrator, you can create a process with a list of tasks and assign the tasks to individuals or groups responsible for completing the related work.  

Before You Begin

  • Required permissions to manage processes and tasks:
    • Access Process Tracker
    • Complete Tasks Assigned to Self
    • Complete Any Task
    • Manage Tasks 
    • Manage Processes
  • For group tasks, check that the user group exists under Administration. See Global User Groups.
  • New to Processes? See Processes Overview.

How You Get There

Navigation Icon5.png From the main navigation menu, click Processes> Overview.  The process overview displays.

Create a Process

  1. Click the  Process actions menu and select Create Process.
  2. Name the process and give it a description. 
  3. Specify the following and save:
  • Target date: The date the process must be completed or a crucial date such as your fiscal period close. 
  • Optional. Add tasks from existing process: Add all the tasks from a process you've already created leveraging repeatable tasks. You can update due dates to fit the new target date. If there are workflow tasks, you can also reset the version on those tasks. 
  • Optional. Auto-send task notifications: Select this option to send notifications to assignees as you create and change tasks. 

The new process gets added to the Process drop-down menu. 

Create a Process Task

After creating a process, create tasks for it. You can either add tasks manually or clone existing tasks.

A process can include:

  • Individual tasks. Assign to a single user.
  • Group tasks. Assign to a user group.

To create an individual or a group task:

  1. From the process overview, make sure the correct process is displaying in the Process drop-down.
  2. Select Create Task.
  3. Specify a name and description that helps the assignee complete the task.
  4. Specify more details such as assignee, related content and deadline for the task. See Process Task Fields.
  5. Save the task.
  6. Optional. Click the  Process actions menu and select Send Notifications to notify the assignees and navigate them to their process guide.
    If you selected Auto-send task notifications during process creation, the assignees receive a notification but no link to the process guide. Assignees can navigate to their process guide from the nav menu. 

Clone a Task

You can clone an existing task instead of creating one from scratch. You can make changes as needed. Select a task and click Clone

The following values in a cloned group task keep their original task values. To change these values for a group task, create another task.

  • Assignment Type
  • Assigned To  
  • Completion Type