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Concept: Processes and Process Tasks

Describes how process admins create and manage processes and assignees complete tasks

Processes and Tasks

Processes and tasks help teams collaborate to complete their planning cycles such as for fiscal period close or quarterly budget review. 

A process administrator designs a process to include the following task types: 

  • Standard tasks that are assigned to specific individuals or user groups.
  • Level workflow tasks that refer to a version and a level.
  • Sheet workflow tasks that refer to a version and a sheet.

This article focuses on the standard task type.

Each standard task contains:

  • Individual or group assignees responsible for completing the task
  • Description and link to the work
  • Due date
  • Any notes admin adds as work progresses

Process Management

The process administrators and task assignees use the following tools to manage or complete the process tasks:

  • Process overview. Provides an overall view of the process tasks for both administrators and assignees.

  • Process administrators can create, monitor, and manage processes and tasks here. They can see the number of days remaining to process completion and the status of all tasks.

  • Assignees can review and update their individual and group tasks and check task status.

  • Assignees can navigate to their process guide by: 

    • Clicking the task name for a task to which they're assigned either as individual or as part of a group. This takes you to the specific task in the guide.

    • Clicking "Go to Process Guide". This takes you to the overall process guide. The link shows only if you have a task assigned to you in the process.

  •  Process administrators and assignees can act on their tasks based on the Assigned to  filter:

    • Anyone.  Shows all individual and groups tasks.

    • Unassigned. Shows only unassigned individual and groups tasks.

    • Specific user. Shows only individual and group tasks assigned to the user.

  • Process guide. Navigates assignees to their tasks for a specific process. They can access each assigned task and review the content specific to that task. For example, if a task relates to dashboards, they can see the specific dashboard associated to the task. If a task relates to sheets, they can see the specific sheet associated to the task. After completing all tasks, assignees can click the process name to go to the process overview. 

Watch the video: Process Guide in Action 1m 28s 

Process Flow

Process administrators and task assignees use this flow to manage and complete all process tasks.


Process administrator uses process overview to:

  • Create process and tasks
  • Assign users to tasks
  • Specify deadline
  • Link to related content
  • Notify assignees with link to process guide

See Steps: Create Processes and Process Tasks.


 Assignee uses process guide to:

  • View assigned task list and deadline
  • Review task description and related content
  • Complete associated work
  • Mark task as complete to update process overview

See Complete Process Tasks.


Process administrator and assignee use process overview to:

  • Track overall progress on process tasks. 
  • Check latest status for assigned tasks.

See Steps: Manage Process Tasks.


Watch the video to see some of the process flow using group task assignment: 4m 7s 

Process Management