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On-Demand Webcast: Managing The Revenue Lifecycle With Planning, Reporting And Analytics

This webcast helps with Managing the Revenue Lifecycle with Planning, Reporting and Analytics:

  • Revenue operations span multiple functions (sales, marketing, finance, billing & collections, customer management/services), often involving complex multi-step cycles, usually with cumbersome manual processes and disparate systems
  • For revenue planning and forecasting to work, the underlying revenue operations need to be based on consistent processes and integrated systems
  • Standardize and automate revenue related processes across different functions and Business Units
  • Integrate disparate systems to increase the speed of  information and eliminating manual hand offs and workaround. (e.g. integrate sales data from CRM and ERP systems into the planning platform, to ensure that latest sales and billing drive the revenue planning process) 
  • Value of seamless revenue operations are lower variance of the revenue plan and fine grained understanding of the revenue drivers Need comprehensive view of the business.

Webcast Recording


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