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How to Add a New Rollup (grouping) for GL Accounts

You are not required to mirror the GL account structure of your accounting system exactly in Adaptive Insights.  One key benefit is being able to add new rollups, or grouping of accounts, to streamline reporting and analysis.  It is almost as simple as just adding a new account and dragging and dropping items into it, with one minor thing of note.  This example will add a new rollup to the account tree seen below to group the 6100 Payroll and 6200 Taxes & Benefits accounts into a new account called Payroll, Taxes, & Benefits.


  1. Highlight the 2 accounts common parent, 6000 Operating Expenses for this example, then click the Create new account button

  2. Fill out the required items for the new account then click save.

1 Code can’t have any special characters

2 Name that will be displayed in all sheets and reports

3 Click save to add the account


  1. New accounts will automatically be added to the end of the list, you may want to drag and drop the account to place it where you need it
  2. KEY ITEM:  You can’t add existing accounts as children of an account that does not already have a child.  You need to add a new temporary account to the newly created account prior to moving the existing accounts
    1. With the newly created selected, click the Create new account button
    2. Click Yes for any warnings it gives you
    3. Fill out the code and name with the value “Temp
    4. Click save, it would look like this

  3. You can now move the GL account under the new roll up, there are two options
    1. Drag and drop the accounts under the roll up
    2. Select the account you want to move, in the account details section to the right change the Rolls up to value to the new account, click save 

    3. Both options will ask you to confirm the change, check the box and click Save


6.  You can now delete the Temp account you added in step 4

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