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How to Create Iterative Calculations for Limited Circular Like Formulas

Adaptive Insights does not support circular calculations, nor does it support the limited number of iterations like Excel does.  But you can do something similar by setting up a set number of accounts to mimic the limited iterations.   The table below shows you a common example where Tax is calculated as 30% of Net Income but Net Income is reduced by the amount of Tax paid.  Most circular calculations get close enough in around 5 iterations, so this example is setup for that scenario.  To achieve this, you would use custom accounts (they will never be seen except to validate the formulas are working).  In the end your Net Income and Tax accounts will reference the final iteration custom accounts.


NOTE:  We do not recommend wide spread use of this solution, nor a much larger number of iterations as it will affect model performance.  This article is here as a guide for the unique situations where it can help address the need without a noticeable impact on model performance.